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Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

March 23, 2023 4 min read

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

How can I transform my kitchen using custom features?

If you want to change the look and feel of your kitchen while focusing on details that many homeowners forget about when remodeling their cooking place, here are some great examples:

1. A creative approach to cabinet design

Instead of hiding everything behind solid cabinet fronts, try incorporating glass cabinet doors to allow you to show off your favorite dishes or décor. Maybe you have a collection of glassware that speaks to your personal tastes, which is perfect to highlight behind glass cabinet doors.

Glass kitchen cabinets on top paired with solid lower cabinet doors create a beautiful contrast that can be achieved using a one of numerous effective door styles. You can even opt for two-tone refaced cabinets for additional distinction and to break up a monochromatic feel that just may not be your style.

Mullion glass, leaded glass and textured glass all offer a variety of options from contemporary to traditional. If you have a unique or specific idea in-mind, consider custom glass cabinets. You can also order from us for the unique styled cabinets. Visit us at

2. Combine form & function with open shelves

Standard wall mounted cabinets above your kitchen counter doesn't have to be the automatic choice. Open shelves above countertops and prep spaces have benefits that go beyond great looks. Glassware and dishware used-daily can be quick to reach and accessible without the added step of opening one of these custom kitchen cabinet doors. It may seem like a small step to eliminate, but in today’s busy world, you may appreciate a few extra seconds every time you reach for plates and bowls. 

But, open shelves are not only for utilitarian purposes. They can also be used to display art and decorative accents in the form of a treasured collectible or two, framed black and white photographs, your inherited family cookbooks or small whimsical sculptures and pottery pieces. The shelves themselves can be considered an artistic element in your overall kitchen design. You can keep it simple and streamlined, or get creative with different finishes including high gloss, industrial or maybe a unique color to make your new kitchen really feel like yours.

Luckily at we have all such kind of shelves available with huge range includes comparison between style, design and most importantly price.

3. Choose clever storage solutions

Contemporary and useful cabinet storage solutions also create unique features in your kitchen that can help you stay organized too! Think cookware and utensil bin base organizers, roll-out drawers, drawer peg systems, K-Cup tray inserts, tip-out trays, and soft-close waste bins. Our Online Store gives all such options for kitchens. Don’t underestimate how the power of a high-performing kitchen can positively affect your daily quality of life.

4. Re-evaluate the space

Could your pantry be organized differently so they save you more space? If you use your cabinets as a pantry, you may find pull-out shelves or a lazy Susan-type addition are helpful options for maximizing space and keeping things tidy. What about organized spice racks? If you have a walk-in pantry, head to our online store to look for bins and containers with clear sides that will help you store things in an organized way without losing touch with what's inside.

5. Advantages of a kitchen desk space

Charging station. Tired of everyone's phones, games, tablets, wires, etc., hogging the kitchen bar or countertops? Talk about clutter! Your desk space can come equipped with drawers - which can come equipped with electrical strips tucked into the back - so everyone has a protected space to store gadgets while they charge. Protect the gadgets. Along that line, kitchen office centers protect gadgets from the steam, grease, spills, and splatter they are prone to when hanging out on countertops. Work in between. While we believe in a healthy work/life balance, we know that checking that last work email or running into the home office to make a "quick" correction can lead to 30 minutes later and a burnt pot on the stove. Your kitchen desk allows you to get dinner on while finishing up those last-minute details.

6. Shape the dinning table to match the space

Unless you're going totally custom, you'll have four basic choices: rectangle, oval, round or square.

  • Rectangle: This is the traditional option. If you often host large crowds, look for a version that uses extension leaves for larger gatherings. Opt for narrower, rather than wider, as it creates a more intimate feel. 28-inches wide or wider is ideal.
  • Oval: This is a softer take on the rectangle, which can be a good way to provide contrast in linear designs. We like them because last-minute guests are easily accommodated without any sharp corners involved.
  • Square: These are more unique, although they're increasingly popular. Adding a leaf will turn it into a larger rectangle when you need it. Consider the fun contrast of the square table with a useful space addition such as a lazy Susan in the middle.
  • Round: Another fun option; we're seeing more and more round tables as kitchens get more social spaces again. That's because round tables are the most intimate and make it easier for all of your guests to see/hear one another. Look for a table that's at least 48-inches in diameter if you want it to comfortably seat more than four. Or, you can opt for a smaller version that has an extension leaf when you need it.

Hope it helps you to remodel your kitchen with some great ideas. You can also discuss your ideas with our professional team to have a great brainstorming sessions so that you can get a clearer picture of what you have in your mind.

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