Court Lodge Storage Rack

Product Description:
  • A solid, medium-sized shelving unit made out of steel pipes and flat iron.
  • This shelving unit's two side elements combine with the rear stabilizing cross to form the frame for the wooden shelves.
  • Everything is bolted together for an absolutely solid, built-to-last construction.
  • The solid pine wood is brushed and finished with a high-quality, all-natural oil.
  • The wood surface has a lightly structured feel, and the pine grains stand out beautifully, giving the material a truly vintage look that fits perfectly with the style of this piece.
Product Dimensions:
  • Style 1:  Width: 80, Height: 90, Depth: 38 cm
  • Style 2:  Width: 80, Height: 140, Depth: 38 cm
  • Style 3:  Width: 140, Height: 90, Depth: 38 cm
  • Style 4:  Width: 140, Height: 200, Depth: 38 cm
Product Material Quality:
  • Laminated MDF Wood 
Product Package Include:
  • 1 * Court Lodge Storage Rack


  • The Product is Manufactured with Top-Notch Materials at our own Unit in Pakistan
  • The Product is Order To Make and the Delivery of this Product may Take 10 to 15 Days
  • You Need To Assemble The Product when it will be Delivered To You.

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