Kitchen Cabinet Metal Rack (Pack of 2)

Product Details:
  • High-quality walnut boards and stainless steel brackets. Thick material, strong and durable.
  • The sturdy storage shelf can bear 10kg weight without shaking.
  • This shelf can provide you more extra storage space to keep items neat.
  • Provides storage and organization for kitchen, attic, bathroom or office, etc.
Product Dimensions:
  • 45 X 29.5 X 17cm
  • 45 X 15 X 17 cm
Product Material Type:
  • Premium-Quality walnut wood Board
  • Premium-Quality Metal bracket
Product Package Includes:
  • 1 * Kitchen Cabinet Metal Rack


  • The Product is Manufactured with Top-Notch Materials at our own Unit in Pakistan
  • The Product is Order To Make and the Delivery of this Product may Take 10 to 15 Days
  • You Need To Assemble The Product when it will be Delivered To You.

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